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About the Book

Changing Lanes allows athletes to see themselves through a more complete lens. It holds the power to cater to current and former athletes who are searching for their arena outside of the game.It also serves as a vital tool for both coaches and parents to articulate the important role sports can have in the preparation of their future.

Statistics show that on average less than 2% of student-athlete go on to play professionally. This is where Changing Lanes comes in and teaches you how to leverage sports to your benefit. It lays out how sports carry over in various aspects of your life, which includes, but is not limited to occupation , education and relationships.

Do you need direction applying what you've learned in sports to navigate your everyday life? Then this is the playbook for you! Sincere there is no better time thank the present, are you ready to start Changing Lanes?


About the Author

Ashley Roberts is a native of Dallas, Texas and a former Longhorn. Roberts obtained her bachelor's degree in Physical Culture and Sports with a minor in Business from the University of Texas. She was also a member of the women's basketball team. A few years later, Roberts went on to obtain her Masters degree in Sport Management from the University of Texas as well. 

Learning from exceptional coaches that Roberts had the pleasure of playing for allowed her to gain the proper experience that she needed to become a successful basketball player which ultimately led to coaching aspirations. Roberts has coached at all levels from elementary to high school players. She not only coaches young girls how to become better basketball players, but most importantly she shares how to use sports to be beneficial in life. 

Coach Ashley Roberts wants to spread the knowledge that attributed to molding her into the coach she is today. With her expertise, passion and drive, she aims to empower those who aspire to pay at the next level. Proper guidance and mentorship allow Roberts to reach the players who are eager to develop their game and succeed at every level, on and off the court. 

A Peek Inside


Chapter 1:

Health is Wealth

Chapter 2:

I Don't Want Any Problems

Chapter 3:

No Pass, No Play

Chapter 4:

Pressure Busts Pipes

Chapter 5:

Going On A Ride





Chapter 6:

Where Did the Time Go?

Chapter 7:

Make It Happen

Chapter 8:

Let's Play the Talking Game

Chapter 9:

It Takes More Than YOU

Chapter 10:

Prepare to Win or Prepare to Lose





Chapter 11:

Interview w/ Athletes

Chapter 12:

Interview w/ Coaches

Chapter 13:

Interview w/ Athlete & Retired Coach




Hear from Our Readers

"I really enjoyed reading this book. My favorite chapter was Time Management. I would always talk to my parents about not having enough time to spend with my friends. After reading your book I realized I was not managing my time right." 

Jasmine Johnson

Student Athlete

"This book was not only a good read for my daughter but I also read your book! I wanted to read it so I can reinforce the things you talked about for student athletes. Thank you for creating something for student athletes that will take them beyond their sport!" 

Leslie Hill,

Parent of Student Athlete

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